Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Men – Which is your Perfect Pair?

Ray-Ban Sunglasses For Men

Ray-Ban sunglasses should be on the top of your list of summer style accessories. For more than 80 years Ray-Ban has dominated the market, producing some of the worlds most iconic styles of sunglasses.

Worn by style icon around the world for decades, Ray-Ban is sure to maintain their popularity with their iconic classic styles and their innate ability to re-design those classics with a more modern update.

Aviators, Clubmasters and Wayfarers are the names you should recognise. Whatever your style requirements are, you could guarantee that one of these iconic frames will be perfect for you.

Which sunglasses should you be buying? Take a closer look at the key styles from Ray-Ban and find your perfect pair for the summer ahead.


Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Wayfarer sunglasses are one of the most iconic sunglasses in history. Manufactured by Ray-Ban since 1952 by Rayman Stegeman and a design inspired by, “a mid-century classic rival Eames chairs and Cadillac tail fins”, and with the sturdy arms that gave the frames a masculine look. Gaining popularity throughout the 50’s and 60’s with the likes of President JFK rocking the frames with his refined tailoring and when casually dressed his style really came into life. The Wayfarers was a familiar sight that gave him that uber-cool casual style that he is known for – JFK was a style icon my all means.

The 1980’s sore further success in both sales and popular culture. With sales of 1.5 million Wayfarers annually, during this period, the Wayfarers success can, in part, be put down to the glamour of Hollywood. The Blues Brother, Tom Cruise in Risky Business, Miami Vice and many recording artists, such as Michael Jackson and Depeche Mode went a long way to help popularize the Wayfarers.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers are back with new and updated frames based on the original. If you want a vintage style for the summer then the Wayfarers are the ones for you.





Ray-Ban Clubmaster

The Clubmaster is Ray-Ban’s version of the ‘Browline’, the sixties classic where the name derives from the fact the bold upper part of frames frame the lenses in the same way that the eyebrows frame eyes.

After Bruce Willis wore a pair of Browline style sunglasses in the popular series Moonlighting, the demand for the style surged leading to Ray-Ban to introduce the Clubmaster. The Clubmaster went on to become the third best selling sunglasses style of the 1980’s, with the Wayfarer and Aviators coming out ahead.

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster with its thicker upper frame does suggest a geeky retro type of style. Some of you may be able to pull style off depending on the shape of your face and your facial features. If you have a prominent browline then it may be wise to avoid this style.





Ray-Ban Aviators

The Aviators are biggest selling sunglasses by Ray-Ban. The Aviators, or “pilots glasses”, originally designed by Bausch & Lomb (then owners of Ray-Ban) in 1936 for, you guessed it, fighter pilots. Made famous by the 1986 classic Top Gun, with Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell (Tom Cruz) in his jumpsuit and equipped with the coolest pair of sunglasses on the planet.

Ray-Ban Aviators won’t suit all men, you need to have the style and confidence to pull them off and they tend to sit well on those with a long face and a strong jawline. They ooze masculinity with their deep teardrop shaped lenses and thin metal frames. Their versatility guarantees that you will be looking on top form, whether laying by the pool, on the beach or dressed in one of your best summer suits – Aviators will ensure your summer is set to fly off in style.

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