Consistency Creates Winners

Why Consistency Creates Winners To Bodybuilding Success

One of the non-secrets to sporting and bodybuilding success is one that many of us overlook. In fact, without it, you will likely not improve much, if at all. This is, of course, consistency. This can take on many forms, which sporting professionals will always recognise as a direction to success.

Improving your fitness and increase muscle mass can take a substantial amount of time, progression is in small steps which often is recognised over weeks and months of training. Consistency regarding the number of training sessions is, therefore, critical to maintain the best rate of growth, performance, and bodybuilding success.

Consistency allows the individual to break barriers in their training pushing them to a higher level of performance. Professional athletes train muilitiple times per week, if not daily, with a long-term goal in mind. What this means is that if you want to improve your fitness, lose weight, or build more muscle mass then you need to set a weekly schedule that is consistent each week and stick to it. If you are starting out then you can build this is to a set number of days, however, intermediate or advanced individuals should stick to their schedule.

What Do We Recommend For Bodybuilding Success?

We recommend a minimum of three training session per week for intermediate and advanced individuals, while beginners can build this up over a number of weeks. Advance individuals wishing to build muscle mass should look to training a muscle group two times per week to see more efficient grow rate and to break plateaus that often occur, however, do seek downtime each week to avoid overtraining, fatigue, and injury.

Consistency in the diet is also key, this is in regards to losing weight or building muscle mass. Two words need to be said – calorie control. Keep a watch on your daily calorie intake as sporadic calorie intake may hinder the rate in which you attain your weight loss or weight gaining goals. Many bodybuilders, for example, will eat the same set of meals a day, every day. This allows them to measure precisely and with ease the number of calories they are receiving on a daily basis, keeping growth consistent. This also allows them to adjust calorie intake if needed with little effort and with more control.

Remember, appreciate the time it takes to achieve the goals that you set. keep a long term goal in mind along with consistency in your training regime and you will get closer to reaching your goal and bodybuilding success.