Gym Motivation: That Works

Motivation by The Lost Gentleman

Get Motivated Now 

Perhaps the only thing that will prevent you from attaining your goals is your lack of motivation! Motivation is perhaps the most important factor in fitness and building muscle mass.


How To Get Motivated

An internal will to develop yourself, a dream that is constantly on your mind. It’s that drive that keeps you on your path to progression and success.

Motivation is hard to get, full stop. If you haven’t got the drive before you step into the gym then it will become harder to achieve your goals.


Visualize The Outcome

The first step in acquiring some motivation is that you must vision your ultimate goal. This can often be the biggest motivation for many people, being able to visualize how you want to develop, look, and feel will often give you the drive continue your course.

If you find it hard to visualize your outcome, find an athlete that you admire and would like to have similar attributes to. Focus your mind on attaining the same or similar attributes to that athlete.


Motivation Through Incremental Progression

So the next step is to get into the gym. Once in the gym and making progress you may find that motivation will come about with the progression that you make in your workouts. Every time you workout add an extra rep, set, or weight and aim for a new P.B. Many people will find a thrill when overcoming the new challenge and acquire a new personal best and in turn, drive them to continue setting the bar higher next time. Remember that you must set goals to progress. The goals should be short, medium, and long term. Every time you make a short term goal it often spurs you on to make the medium goals.


Motivation Through Music

Another way to get motivated is through music. Finding a playlist that drives your heart rate, and increases adrenaline levels may give you the drive to carry on in the gym and go that bit longer. It may also increase intensity levels leading to faster progression. Creating a new playlist regularly and listening to it only in the gym may make you more excited when you to go.


Motivation Through Friends 

Many new people that sign up to a gym for the first time are advised to come with a friend. This can be one of the best ways to stay on track with your fitness goals and keep you motivated. You can push each other along to stay motivated when one of you is losing motivation at some point. Having a friend/workout buddy will also aid a more experienced individual. A more experienced gym enthusiast may find that having someone to chant them on while they are lifting a weight may lead them to get an extra rep or two or being able to lift that extra bit of weight. The workout buddy can be used as a spotter too, which may give the experienced gym enthusiast more confidence when making a lift, especially a lift that is heavier than they have attempted before.



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