Autumn Outfits for Men

autumn outfits for men

Live autumn in style. Kit out your wardrobe this autumn with a few key outfits that are season-appropriate and will give you the style you have been searching for. Men’s autumn outfits don’t have to be bland yet every year you have probably picked up and put on the same or similar outfits without giving a second thought – as do so many other men.

There are, of course, autumn wardrobe essentials that men should have at hand when needed. On those frosty mornings, you will be thankful that you planned ahead and not have to brunt the worst of British autumn in all its morning glory. That said, you should have available to you a few casual autumn outfits that you could piece together instantly – maybe along with the autumn essentials – that will give you a much needed updated stylish look this autumn.

If you are one of those guys that finds it a bit of challenge putting an outfit together and diverging out of your comfort zone – tee’s and denim jeans come to mind – once in a while, then keep calm. We have made your autumn outfit shopping experience almost effortless. We have put together our top 3 autumn outfits for men that we believe you are going to approve of. We guarantee one of them, if not all, will take your fancy!

Once you have found the style you have been looking for, this straightforward autumn style outfit guide for men will take you exactly where to find the look. Simple!

Autumn Outfit 1

The leather jacket is a great piece of outerwear for fall. This outfit below is the perfect balance of smart and casual, bringing together a contemporary look with an updated edge. The biker jacket is one of those cross-seasonal pieces that will be wearable from autumn, through winter and into spring – with some careful layering of course.

As cool as the biker jacket is, you are going to have to consider the level of comfort as the temperature begins to dip. Layering is a must in this instance. For a comfortable and casual look, throw your biker jacket over a neutral hue hoodie. However, if you want something a little more put-together, look towards knitwear. Cashmere or Merino wool tend to look more elegant due to the fine thread. The outfit below brings together a biker jacket and a turtle neck fine wool knit sweatshirt. Turtleneck sweaters are a big trend this season, so look out for them.

This look has kept to dark hues throughout the entire outfit by using dark skinny fit denim jeans, giving a modern sleek silhouette. Finished off perfectly with a pair of seasonally appropriate, leather Chelsea boots

mens autumn outfit

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leather biker jacket

turtle neck sweater

skinny fit denim jeans

Leather Chelseas Boots

Autumn Outfit 2

This is a superb men’s casual look for Autumn. If you want a casual sporty vibe, but with a touch of class to it, then this is the outfit for you.

This outfit features a blue moleskin Herrington jacket, however, this look made just as good, if not better, with a blue suede bomber jacket for a more sporty edge. The trouser is what gives this outfit that more put-together look. You could swap these trousers out for a pair of chinos and still look on point. But, it’s the wool trouser that pulls this outfit together, taking it from what would be a great outfit in its own right, to arguably, one of the best autumn outfits for men. Pairing the jacket with a crisp white tee, grey wool trouser, and finishing it off with a pair of blue suede sneakers to match the jacket.

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suede bomber jacket

mens white t shirt

grey wool trousers

navy suede sneakers

Autumn Outfit 3

If you want a classic men’s Autumn style then this is the look for you. Dark hues, thick wools, and boots will be ubiquitous at this time of the year – the latter two undoubtedly essential for getting through the season unscathed.

Thick boots are seasonally appropriate. There is nothing worse than having your feet drown in water all day long because your footwear failed to withstand the morning showers or that puddle you stepped in was a little deeper than the expected. The right boots will be one of the best defences in your autumn & winter arsenal.

This outfit combines dark denim jeans with a faded wash, thick weatherproof boots, a grey wool sweater, and a navy blue single-breasted wool-blend coat. If you want to step it up a notch, swap out the single-breasted coat for a double-breasted peacoat. This fall outfit is a classic medley of autumn essentials that will look good whoever the man.

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navy peacoat

grey sweatshirt

blue denim jeans

Autumn Outfit 4

This is one of those everyday outfits that’s so easy to pull off. Simple, sharp, and masculine. Far from basic, this outfit will prove to everyone you know how to dress.

A prime example of an outfit for the transitional season – darker earthy hues, boots and a light jacket, brought together in the best way one can imagine. However, this outfit would be suited more for the dryer days and when the temperature hasn’t dipped to bitter colds. Slim black denim jeans with a pair of sleek black leather Chelsea boots fuse for a sharp silhouette. As we work our way up to the torso, the outfit is broken up with lighter hues, which is where your eye tends to focus towards. The white t-shirt accomplishes this perfectly while keeping the outfit relaxed. What makes this outfit is the suede trucker jacket, however – a masculine piece that oozes style.

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app suede trucker jacket

white crew t shirt

nudie black denim jeans

paul smith black leather chelsea boots

Autumn Outfit 5

One item you can’t go without this season is the trusted raincoat. Our last men’s outfit for Autumn combines casual with some smarter elements.

Now, you may be the sort of guy that prefers tighter-fitting skinny jean trousers, but don’t pass off a loser fit, such as a slim or straight fit style. They will often fit better with many of this season outfits. Often it is because a loser fit trouser works better when combined with a thick boot, such as hiking boots or brogue boots, as the bottom hem can fall over the top of the boot.

For this outfit we’ve paired washed denim jeans with a white button-up shirt, v-neck knit sweater, a pair of smart black brogue boots, and, of course, a raincoat. Look for a neutral colour raincoat as you will be able to combine it with more outfits.

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stutterheim raincoat

n peal v neck sweater

nudie indigo blue denim jeans

grensons brogue boots