The Best Swim Shorts For Summer 2019

best swim shorts for summer

Swim short season is in full gear. With the sun, sea and sand set to influence our choice of outfits, make sure to upgrade your swimwear for this summer’s adventures. We are all in need of a summer retreat, whether that be at home or abroad. Sunbathing on a hot summers day at the beach, or relaxing by the hotel poolside, you are going to need a pair of stylish swim shorts to cool off in.

This year, create a splash with bold, exotic, and stylish men’s swimwear. The days of boring swim shorts are long gone. Today they have been well-designed with the latest style trends in mind. The swim trunk has turned from being a practical garment for swimming, to become its own form as a fashion piece in its own right.

So, if you require new swimwear or just want to slip into the latest luxury styles, then read on, as we have selected the best swimming shorts that you could be wearing this year.

What To Look For In a Swim Short?


How long should men’s swimwear be? The length of your swim shorts is important. Too long and they will look dated, too short and you risk an impromptu uncovering of your man junk. Mid-length, about 2 or 3 inches above your knee is the sweet spot. Most men will find this length the most flattering for them.


Choose something that suits your personality. There are so many colours and prints to choose from, but its important that you feel comfortable wearing your chosen shorts. Solid colour swim shorts give you more outfits options, pairing then with polo shirts, t-shirts, or button-down shirts with relative ease. Shorts with prints can be a difficult one. Men can misguidedly or ignorantly come to choose a print that is somewhat juvenile in style. However, there is a fine line as to what we would consider stylish for the modern man and what would be considered too child-like.

The Best Men’s Swimwear

Paul Smith Artist Stripe Swim Short


Bring some colour into your life with this pair of Paul Smith swim shorts. Designed with Paul Smith’s brand signature stripes, these are a bold style to add to your swim short collection. These shorts are made from a recycled polyester blend to reduce their environmental impact.

Vilebrequin Moorea Classic Swim Short


French label, Vilebrequin, was founded in 1971 in Saint Tropez. This classic Moorea style and vibrant aqua hue shorts will complete your summer wardrobe.

Onia Charles 7″ Bird of Paradise Swim Short


Deep sky blue by Onia Charles. These tropical patterned print shorts will suit almost any man with a refined silhouette based on the classic swim trunk. An elegant style that will work with a lot of summer outfits, and allowing you to transition your style with ease throughout the day.

Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Traveller Swim Short


A classic preppy style that never goes out of fashion. This pink-hued swim short by Ralph Lauren is perfect for many smart-casual outfits. Pair this with a white Polo shirt, or a white linen button-down shirt and slip into a pair of leather sandals for a preppy yacht-casual style.

Paul Smith Classic Swim Short


A style straight out of Baywatch. These bold, bright red swim shorts will have you feeling like Hasselhoff while strolling on the beach.

Vilebrequin Moorise Hawaiian Turtle Swim Short


These monochromatic tropical style shorts by Vilebrequin, detailed with Hawaiian hibiscuses and sea turtles are bold, to say the least. However, the contrast with the black and bright print combines for a modern and daring style.

Aimé Leon Dore Colour Block Swim Short


From Queens, New York, these Aimé Leon Dore swim short have an early 90’s prep feel to them. A great style for lounging poolside.

Thom Browne Seersucker Swim Short


Made in Italy. These classic seersucker swim shorts by Thom Browne, dressed in navy blue and white combination is a more sophisticated compared to many other swim short styles out there. Perfect poolside, by the beach, or out on the seas.

Paul Smith Seahorse Print Swim Short


Paul Smith creates an elegant swim short with a playful twist. These navy blue with multicolour seashore print are made with a recycled polyester blend, helping to save the environment and those little seahorses.

Hartford Quick Dry Swim Short


These deep navy swim shorts by Hartford have been constructed from quick-drying nylon. Understated block blue shorts will widely compliment many summer outfits. This is a safe colour if you are unsure what hue best complements you.