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Have a dinner arrangement in the summer sun but no idea how to dress for it?
As much as you may want it, shorts and t-shirts won’t get you through the summer on their own. For those special occasions, you may need to smarten up your look while still maintaining that summer vibe.


Men’s Summer Style Guide

What’s first to consider when finding the right smart summer look? Colours of course. The light colours, whites, and pastels are the safest options for a great summer look, however with the right combinations of suit pants, jackets and shirts you can darken one of these elements or two.

There are four elements that we will look over to get the perfect men’s summer style: shirts, suit jackets, trousers, and footwear.


Choosing The Right Summer Shirt

To successfully combine these elements with ease choose a white shirt. The white shirt is the safest as it has no patterns that may clash with the rest of the attire unless you have a tailor on standby or some extra help picking out a different shirt, then I would stick to this. The bright white is inherently more summary, as long as we continue matching the rest of the elements suitably, as a white shirt can easily and often be worn within an evening tuxedo or similar formalwear – which in most cases do not present any sense of summer. If you really want to tone down your look to something a bit more casual opt instead for a white t-shirt.


Choosing The Right Summer Blazer Jackets

The next choice is the suit jacket, always choose this before the suit pants and it’s key in accentuating your face and upper body where your eye is often drawn too. Linens are a classic summer look and are great for keeping cool in the sun. It’s best to go for heavier linen to retain structure and the silhouette as the light linen creases and loses shape quickly.

Mens summer style: Aqua blue linen blazer jacket, white t-shirt, white trouser

Summer style: Aqua blue linen blazer jacket, white t-shirt, white chino trouser.


Pastel colours are a first to go to, such as pastel blue and pink, and light grey is great too. Now you can go for a darker blazer jacket as long as it’s not black. When choosing a dark blazer it’s better to go for a blazer with lighter patterns through it so it’s not a solid colour. Also choosing a darker suit jacket will mean that you should really go for a light trouser to contrast the jacket and to retain that summer feel.

Mens summer style: Pink linen blazer jacket, white shirt

Summer style: Pink linen blazer jacket, white shirt.




Choosing Right The Summer Pants

The trousers are depended upon the choice of jacket. White or cream will compliment the darker jackets and most of the pastels. With the lighter jackets you can go for a darker trouser however you don’t want too much variation in colour especially with the pastels. However, with a grey jacket you are free to choose from a wider variation in colour


Summer style: Checkered blue blazer jacket, white shirt

Summer style: Checkered blue blazer jacket, white shirt. Perfect with cream chino trousers.

Mens summer style: Grey blazer jacket, white shirt, dark maroon trouser

Summer style: Grey blazer jacket, white shirt, dark maroon trouser.









Choosing The Right Summer Footwear

The footwear is simple. Choose browns over blacks, they go with a lot more styles and therefore involves less thought on your part. Second ditch lace-ups and go for slip-ons. Oh, and lose the socks. This also means that you should roll you trouser leg up an inch so that it sits just above the ankle.

And on the last note, lose the tie. If it’s not a formal event undo a button or two on your shirt to look and feel cooler in the sun.


Still finding your summer style? Don’t feel left in the dark this summer! Check out this summer style guide on smart shorts and stay in the sunshine.


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