Winter Blazers And Wearing Them With Style

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We love pushing the classic gentleman look. Suits, blazers, and other sharp formal attire are perhaps the most masculine pieces a man can wear, and to which all men can look great in despite what style they are usually found in. If you are rocking that classic gentleman style on a year-round basis (hooray!), you are one-up on many other guys out there.

In the winter periods your choice of blazer may have to change, and without a doubt more thought on how to keep that awesome style while maintaining comfort from the bitter cold. You need not compensate on either, however!

First, is your choice of blazer jacket. There are a few fabrics that are great for the cooler months, and we have listed the best options for you below:


The Cotton Blazer

Cotton blazers are relatively thin compared to other fabrics out there, yes, that does mean that the cold will get to you but, cotton blazers have a great use; being a thin material allows you to layer more easily than other fabrics and a little less restrictive to move in.


Cotton Blazer


The Wool Blazer

Wool is a fantastic natural fiber that is both breathable and also able to retains the heat. It’s is one of the most versatile fabrics and can be worn in the summer or winter, and is known to be durable and wrinkle resistant. This is perhaps the basic material you should be looking for in a winter blazer.

Wool comes in a variety of style depending on how it is blended and woven. The weave is important in keeping the warmth in, a thicker weave is needed for cooler climates. Such prime examples are worsted wool, flannel, tweed, and herringbone weave. So there are a good few options to go for and sport for different occasions.

Worsted wool is considered a mid-weight wool and used for your standard business suit and giving you a slight shine finish. While this is fine for the situation it’s used for, there are alternatives. If you are really keeping it business formal, however, worsted wool suits would be best to stick to. Opting for a smart well-fitting overcoat is the most appropriate option to keep warm outside while maintaining the formality that is required. Now, if you are not heading out to a formal meeting, and want to wear an ‘everyday’ style blazer that’s better suited for those more casual days in the office or for weekend wear, then opting for a different style or fabric is best.


Wool Blazer


The Tweed Blazer

Having a traditional blazer on hand such as tweed is always great for the winter month and if you don’t have one it can be a good investment, the timeless piece it is.

Tweed is another type of wool, considered heavier than worsted, this makes it durable, and a great outdoor piece for the winter and smarter occasions. There are a variety of designs and patterns of tweed, checked tweed being the more traditional. This will pair well with classic cut denim jean or chinos, a smart-casual checked or strip shirt, and with traditional thick boots.


Tweed Blazer


Plain charcoal gray or plain brown may be a better option for a modern take on tweed, that is if you do not favor the more classic check styled tweed. Our favorite tweed is a blue herringbone weave jacket that combines modern with traditional. This would pair well with slimmer cut jeans or chino trousers,  and go for plain shirts  – no patterns. Plain white tees can go well if you want a more casual look too. Keep the footwear a little more modern, simple white trainers or sleeker boots styles – such as the Chelsea or the chukka are always great options.


Blue Herringbone Blazer


The Flannel Blazer

Flannel is considered the heaviest of wool and therefore a great winter warmer. Cross between tweed and herringbone in terms of appearance but, with a soft to touch felted finish. Flannel tends to be the more luxurious of fabric and harder to come by and as such will set you back more in terms of price. Flannel suits became prominent in post world war US for bespoke tailoring to corporate men. If you can get your hands on one of these then you are a man with exquisite taste, a true trendsetter. Flannel blazers are not suited for special occasions or formal events but, for day-to-day wear.


Flannel Blazer


Accessorising Your Blazer For Style

One of the best style advice we can give you that will really enhance your look in a blazer is to wear layers. Think about the different clothing items that would fit underneath you blazer…thin knit jumpers, cardigans, and quilted vest to name a few. Varying the colours and patterns of the layers you add underneath your blazer gives more personality to your look. You don’t have to match the layers to the blazer, they just need to compliment the overall style you are going for.

If you are keeping it relaxed opt for knit jumpers, for a more sophisticated look opt for light tone cardigans or use a quilted jacket that blends with the blazer. Looking for a modern twist? Then add a quilted jacket with a colour that contrasts the blazer somewhat, so that the layers are bolder, emphasising the layering, and drawing the eye in.



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