Why You Must Have a Polo Shirt This Season

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If you haven’t got a decent polo shirt somewhere in your wardrobe, now is the time to sort it out and go grab one or two. Polo shirt has for decades remained a staple in men’s wardrobes and as one of the most popular pieces in menswear. It’s a classic elegant representation of man, traditionally being worn for tennis, golf and polo, it manages perfectly to merge smart-elegance with casual with ease.


Polo Shirt For The Active Man

Still unconvinced to why you should have a polo shirt in your wardrobe? Apart from being the iconic attire for some of the world’s most prestigious sports, polo shirts are truly great for those active days you’ll be planning. The cotton material is breathable to keep you somewhat cool but, perhaps just as important is that you can maintain a great style that’s close to ‘Bond’ rather than your usual activewear that makes you a walking billboard for your favourite sporting brands.


Bond in a polo shirt


Polo Shirt For The Yacht Casual Style

For a perfect summer style have you tried yacht casual? This one is not just for the yachting enthusiasts but, also for the man that wants to have a brushed up relaxed style while out in the summer sun. Yacht casual is the perfect piece that should be in your suitcase for your next holiday in the sun. You could head off through a bustling town, step on board a yacht, escape to a secluded beach and then sit down under the sun at a fine restaurant and still look and feel as though you belong at each.


Polo Shirt To Perfect Business Casual

The polo shirt is great for office wear too. If you ever have a relaxed day at the office then business casual is the style for you. Many people go too casual when trying to pull off business casual, however, the polo shirt is a great item to start with and to ensure you get it right! For business casual, your safest bet is to opt for plain polo shirts without patterns and go for conservative colours – navy blue, greys and whites are prime examples.


Polo Shirt For The Smart-Casual Man

As you should be seeing by now, the polo shirt is highly versatile for the man. But, if would still not use it for any of the settings mentioned previous then just wait one moment…the polo shirt is just a bridge between smart and casual and for that reason alone every man should have few in their wardrobe. Polo shirts can be combined with a vast amount of menswear items, such as chinos or jeans, and using layers such as a blazer to finish off your look. If you ever need a smart-casual attire – and frankly getting out of the casual stuff is probably a good thing once in a while – then the polo shirt should be in your wardrobe ready, it’s effortless style.


smart casual polo shirt with chinos


Some of our favourite designer polo shirts for this season are featured below, take a look as one of these will be a great inclusion for your wardrobe this season…


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