Shorts: Don’t Make The Same Mistake This Summer

mens smart shorts


Looking to keep cool this summer whilst looking cool too? As soon as the heat is turned up the shorts come out. And as cool as they feel they may not look quite the same. Shorts are often dug out from the bottom of the wardrobe, and apart from the squeeze to get into them from the pounds gained during the winter months; the other dilemma is that they are last season’s style. Having a good style of shorts is no different to trousers. But there are often mistakes that men make with shorts, that is picking a style that fits with the rest of their outfit. Seeing men with swim shorts and smart shirts is not a good look. And there are many styles to pick from, possibly more than trousers, all of which seem to go right over our heads.

And if you are stumped to think of any, here are a few: swim shorts, three-quarter lengths, smart, golf, khaki; all with an abundant of nauseous colours and patterns to match.

Now as the biggest failure is often with the choice of shorts for smart-casual wear, we thought that we put you in the right direction with this one. No more excessive pockets (khaki), or dazzling colours and patterns (swim shorts). From now on it’s simple and clean styles.