A Light & Simple Style For Autumn

A relaxed, soft, light look for autumn. We are going for a look that’s simple, elegant and casual, think Sunday afternoon at your local. This look has some very stylish elements mixed with your basic menswear items that you’ll find in your wardrobe.


Light-Wash Jeans


The light-wash jeans tend to look best with neutral colours and with casual clothing, rather than your smarter blazers. With this look, we are keeping to this rule. Go either for slim fit or skinny, depending on what you find comfy. Ripped & repaired style jeans will also suit for a more rugged look. Find a pair that has one shade of colour throughout the trouser rather than a pair that is light blue with a lighter patch around the front of the trouser – this tends to be a bit too striking, we are going for soft look throughout.


Cream Knit Sweater

For the jumper, you can either go for a smooth cashmere or a cable knit. The smooth cashmere will be a little more modern and polished looking and the cable knit being a bit more traditional and more relaxed looking. If you go for a cable knit make sure that the pattern isn’t too extravagant – keep to the basic weave.


Beige Timberlands or Beige Suede Chelsea Boots

timberlands blue-jeans-tan-suede-chelsea-boots

Beige suede Chelsea boots would look perfect for both types of knit jumpers especially for the plain knit jumper, though, as the boot are sleek, modern style. The cable knit jumper will also go well with a pair of beige suede Timberland boots, making the look more masculine, with thicker textures for a more rugged outcome, perfect for those cooler days.


A Stylish Minimalistic Watch


You could finish this look off with an elegant stylish watch. One that is somewhat classic and simple. A Milanese strap watch would go perfectly for this style, such as a Larson & Jennings.


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