The Footwear You Need This Summer

vans - men’s summer shoes

If you are looking for new footwear to adventure into summer then look no further. We have chosen the top five men’s summer shoes that should be on standby in your wardrobe for your summer ahead.


Boat Shoes

If there was a shoe made for summer then it may just be the boat shoe. Pretentious somewhat in its name, the boat shoe is the staple go to shoe for the rich enjoying a more casual day on their holiday in the sun. The boat shoe is the perfect smart-casual shoe that should be included into your summer wardrobe collection. Shorts or chinos are great matches for this type of footwear and there are many styles that work well with the boat shoe.

boat shoes


Trainers or Canvas Shoes

As the Sun is out (well, we hope it comes out) we expect you will be a little more active at this time of the year. Trainers should be in every man’s wardrobe but, if your current pair has gone through the worst of it during the winter months and have seen better days, then it’s probably time to get a fresh pair on the go. Trainers are not just for men with an active lifestyle but, for the man that want to tone down their style, going for something on the casual side with urban influences. Pairing a suit with trainers is the latest trend, and is definitely something you should try out this summer. Canvas shoes are an alternative with Vans and Converse being great examples.  We suggest going for a plain white trainer or a pair of classic Adidas Originals.

white trainers adidas originals



Why is the loafer a great men’s summer shoe? We all need a smart dress shoe all year round, the loafer is particularly a great shoe for the summer as they can enhance the rest of your summer attire. Chosen wisely and opting for a less formal loafer such as brown leather can really give you a polished summer vibe, and remember, no socks! Going sockless makes your look much less formal and uptight and brings out a much more relaxed smart summer vibe.




The Sandal is another classic men’s summer footwear. They have become a lot more stylish recently with more men opting for them in the summer. Dating back to ancient times these men’s summer shoes will probably stay around for quite some time to come.

Sandals are essential for the beach and are also great for lounging around the poolside. Slip-on sandals in particular are great for the beach and pool but if you intend to go on a little adventure in the sun for a few hours then something a little more sturdy is best. We suggest the gladiator sandal. They are a classic style that will look great with many different combinations of summer clothing. You can go casual with shorts and t-shirt, or instead, opt for something a little more smart-casual with white shirts – linen is a great option – and smart shorts.

men’s sandals



An alternate to the sandal the espadrille are classic beach footwear deriving from the Pyrenees, in Northern Spain. They have recently become a summer footwear staple. The espadrille has seen a stylish update from the likes of Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino and the more affordable TOMS have become popular over the last few year. What to wear with espadrilles? Shorts are the obvious choice here but trousers can be worn as long as you get the style right. Skinny jeans or cuffed chinos are great choices of trousers that work with the espadrilles, what you are looking for is for a style of trouser to be tapered or rolled so as to not cover the espadrilles.



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