Summer Holiday Essentials For Men

summer holiday essentials for men

Soon to be setting off for your summer holiday? If you have yet to purchase your summer holiday outfits, let alone pack the holiday suitcase, maybe you are unsure of what to pack exactly, then relax, we can help you with that. First off, every man requires the summer holiday essentials. This should be the foundation of any good summer holiday wardrobe.

Maybe you have a few clothing items saved from last years summer holiday that’s in perfect condition to use again this year. If not, then it may be time to pick up the men’s essentials for a summer holiday. If you are unsure of what the essentials should include then use this guide as a checklist. Within no time at all you will have packed the perfect holiday suitcase for your summers adventure.

Men’s Summer Holiday Essentials

Swim Shorts


One of the most important items of clothing on a summer holiday has got to be the swim short. Whether sunbathing at the beach or lounging by the pool you are probably going to need one or two of these in your suitcase. These classic 70’s style oceanic blue Vilebrequin is a perfect choice. This style and the colour is versatile for a swim short, allowing you to create a range of outfits using this as a key item.



The iconic Aviator by Ray-Ban will give you the much-needed protection from the suns UV rays while looking as cool and confident as Maverick.

Chino Shorts


The chino short can be the foundation of many great summer holiday outfits. A pair of dark chinos will be more resourceful when putting together different outfits. You could wear these both in the daytime and evening while enjoying the local cuisine at a restaurant. Lighter hues, however, would be better suited for day wear.

Polo Shirt


The ultimate smart-casual piece. The Polo shirt makes life so easy when you are trying to achieve a stylish smart-casual look for summer. Look for light and pastel hues for the summertime such as this summer-ready carmel pink by Ralph Lauren.

White T- Shirt


A simple, understated plain t-shirt should also be included in your summer holiday suitcase. A clean and creaseless plain white tee can be worn poolside or at the dinner table.



Sandals get a bad rep mainly due to the style of sandals that some men unwisely opt for. Compound this with the faux pas look of socks and sandals and you would be forgiven for looking the other way. However, this shouldn’t be the case. Sandals are great footwear for your summer holiday. From day trips to lounging by the pool, a pair of sandals can keep your feet cool and finish off a stylish casual look for the daytime. Ignore velcro and instead go for black or brown leather sandals such as these dark brown leather Milano sandals by Birkenstock.

Vertical Striped Shirt


The vertically striped shirt is definitely in right now. This summery shirt by Ralph Lauren is striped in white and blue, perfect for the beachfront days. Worn unbuttoned by the sea, layered over a t-shirt, or worn with tailored trousers or denim jeans for the evenings.

Smart Shoes


While holidays are times to relax and be casual, there are occasions where you may want your appearance smarter, more put together. If you are heading out for the evening and want to dress on the smarter side, perhaps it’s for a fine dining restaurant, then your pair of smart shoes should be carefully packed. A pair of loafers, such as these, by Duke & Dexter would be the perfect style choice for your summers retreat. Smart, elegant and lightweight, these loafers will complement many good smart and smart-casual outfits that you may have in mind for the evening.



A pair of clean white tennis trainers are hugely versatile for your summer holiday adventures. These can be paired with shorts and plain t-shirts, or chinos and a casual shirt.

Black Denim Jeans


packing some form of trouser is essential for your summer holiday. A black denim jean will give you the most options when piecing together outfits. With its dark hue, it can be mistaken for a somewhat smart trouser at a distance. So you could get away with wearing one of these with a smart shirt and a pair of loafers if you are opting to go smart-casual. For an up-to-date outfit on the casual side, combine these jeans with a pair of sneakers and a casual striped shirt.