Top 5 Qualities of a Great Leader

top 5 qualities of a great leader

A great start towards business success is understanding what leadership means and how you can become one. As an entrepreneur who handles people, leadership starts with you. It will always be one of your priorities to motivate your employees and attract more people to work with you.

To be a great leader is to ensure that you bring in and retain capable people and most importantly, provide endless opportunities to keep them engaged. Being a leader allows you to be efficient and effective in directing the focus of your business/company to the desired path.

In order to build a strong foundation for your company, choose to be the leader that you want to be. Well, leadership has never been easy. But if you have the determination and possess the qualities that perfectly fit your role, everything will eventually fall into place. Here are the top qualities of a great leader that you need to know:


A Great Leader Is Flexible

In business, you can expect that there may be things that will not go as planned. It is fast-paced and ever-changing. The government may force new business regulations, your competitors change strategies, strikes affect the flow of your products, and sometimes, natural disasters happen.

At most times like these, a business needs a leader who can easily adapt to the changes and find solutions to any problem that would hinder the overall operations of the business. Be flexible and show your employees that you can work with them whatever the situation is.


A Great Leader Can Communicate

Speaking well is not a basis of being a great leader but there are leaders who are great orators. This means that they can communicate well with people in the field. Leaders who have communication skills do not only share goals and thoughts with their employees but also their personal character and strength in order to empower them to work together to realize the long-term goals of the company.


A Great Leader Possess Tenacity, Patience, And Courage

One cannot just lead because he or she is asked to. A leader must know how to lead and fulfill his or her responsibilities truthfully. To successfully achieve this, there are 3 important qualities that every leader should possess: tenacity, patience, and courage.

If you have tenacity, you will not easily succumb to any pressure, your courage helps you to stand alone, and with patience, you are able to endure the challenges that come your way until the winning day of your business.


A Great Leader Displays Humility And Presence

Presence and humility are a perfect combination for great business leaders. If you act aloof, arrogant, and above your people, they will not consider you as an effective leader. You have to humble, talk, and listen to your employees regardless of their position. Make them feel that you are there. This will gain you more respect and trust from them. Thus, you make them more honest and fair.


A Great Leader Is Responsible

Ultimately, with your fairness, integrity, and honesty as a leader comes being responsible. Promote accountability inside your business. Hold yourself accountable for your actions and accept the consequences.

Leadership has different interpretations for different people. But when it comes to business, it always starts with you as the owner. You lead to pass on the vision and passion to your employees for them to share the same goal of making your business a success.


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