10 Items Every Man Should Have In His Wardrobe

Mens Wardrobe , 10 items every man should have in his wardrobe by The Lost Gentleman

There are just certain things every man should own. We’ve come up with the essential list of versatile clothing that will look good on almost every man. So if you haven’t got any of theses essentials, we suggest you go out and fill your wardrobe with these…


1. White T-Shirt


One of the most versatile pieces and can be worn with almost anything. Go for both crewnecks and V-necks for range, and keep a few of theses in your wardrobe.


2. White Button-Up Shirt


Clean, sharp, and simple, men’s clothing item.
This will go well with many other items. This can be used for both a casual day, with a pair of shorts, and a few buttons undone, or a more smart-casual approach with a pair of dark blue jeans and great with or without a blazer.


3. Dark Blue Jeans.


Go for a good slim cut. They are great for a smart-casual, occasion.


4. Chinos


This is great for a casual daywear. Its neutral colour goes well with a variety of colour shirts. This can be great with pastel t-shirts or a white button down shirt.


5. V-neck Sweater


A great textured piece. These can come in a variety of materials from cashmere to cotton. Great with chinos or dark blue jeans. Also, can be used as a great layer by including a blazer over the top. Opt for lighter or neutral coloured sweaters as it will be more versatile.


6. Dark Blue/Navy Blazer


There needs to be a blazer in your wardrobe. There are many occasions where it may come in handy. A dark colour such as navy blue means that it could be used for a formal or informal occasion. Make sure that it’s well fitted.


7. Brown Oxford Shoes


Great with many dress pieces. Brown is a lot more versatile over black shoes and a little bit more interesting.


8. Brown Leather Belt


Brown belts are more versatile


9. Leather Jacket


Great for a casual day wear or even a night out. Leather jackets can really set you apart. And they don’t have to be expensive if you look around. They will usually last you a lifetime as well, so definitely worth your money.


10. Peacoat


A classic jacket, that can be worn over a suit or instead, with more casual clothing.


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