The Classic Gentleman Done Right

The Lost Gentleman’s Classic Gentleman Done Right

What defines a gentleman isn’t his suit. But hey! It bloody well makes him look a lot better.
The benefits that a well-fitted, stylish suit has on a man can be enormous. It shouldn’t be overlooked for a second.

Here at The Lost Gentleman, we want to start a “gentleman revolution”. We would love for more men to transform into the gentleman that’s concealed within them. And just maybe we can start with finding them a suit that fits them and their character.

There are many features to consider when choosing a suit – colour, fabrics, fit, and cut, to name a few. Get this right and you will have a suit that will enhance not only your appearance but also your personality and will hopefully last a lifetime too.

Here at The Lost Gentleman, we have picked a collection of some of our favourite classic gentleman pieces, to bring out the gentleman in you! This is the “classic gentleman” done right…


HG Classic Gentleman 4

A great piece by Hugo Boss.  Light colours like this are great for the summer.


Classic Gentleman 9

This gentleman has kept it continental, a great Italian style suit. A style fitted for a day in Milan.  The Denim shirt has kept a casual feel to his overall attire, using earth colours, such as the green suit and brown belt and shoes, has accentuated somewhat of a casual aura, yet at the same with this great Italian cut, still keeps the look smart.  A look less for the boardroom and more for a casual lunch. Perfect for that gentleman that has a creative confident personality and comfortable with a distinctive look.


Classic Gentleman 8

This gentleman has chosen a classic staple for any gentleman’s wardrobe.  A sleek cut, blue checkered suit should not be under-estimated. If you are ever unsure on your first quality suit, We advise you go for a navy blue colour. It will look great on almost any man, and the blazer is versatile with many other pieces of attire in a man’s wardrobe.

A fresh white shirt really brings out the blue in the suit and is always your safest option. However don’t be afraid to mix different colours of shirts with this suit. Keep them light and neutral though as the suit is dark, and avoid heavy patterned shirts, especially checkered, it will clash.

This gentleman has chosen black shoe and belt to finish off the attire. This is great for a formal business occasion, but have a look at brown shoes and brown belts, as they will stand out more, breaking the colours of the suit up, and giving you more of a distinguished appearance. Especially if you want to make an impression.


Classic Gentleman 7

Yes, David Gandy can pull off almost any suit, but here he has really immersed himself in a traditional gentleman’s attire. Many will choose not to sport such a tradition look, but with the right fit, right texture, and right cut, you will be on the path to becoming a gentleman in no time.

Here, David Gandy has kept to earthy colours with thick cotton textures.  No need for a blazer, instead he has chosen a grey waistcoat, matching his trousers, and used a long overcoat, with a similar texture and earthy colour to bring the entire piece together. A great winter warmer.


Classic Gentleman 6

Many gentlemen in waiting won’t take a second look at a brown suit. However this oozes confidence, with a strong sense of style, and at the same time show a soft, outgoing appearance. This gentleman has kept it casual. No shirt needed here, instead, he has used a great textured, knitted sweater, that is in tone with the suit. A great winter attire, or for a cooler continental day out.


Classic Gentleman 1

Again, a navy suit cannot and should not be underestimated. This look is great for the office and meetings.  Smart, corporate, but with right tie, you can really add more personality to the attire. Notice a soft pink tie. Using lighter tie’s with a dark suit can bring a fresh, open, outgoing appearance. It shows a man with confidence by sporting a light coloured tie; especially one that is of soft pink.


Classic Gentleman 2

Light, pastel suits are perfect for the summer occasion. Even a light linen suit may be a great piece for your wardrobe. This is a very relaxed laid back look. Notice the jeans. Opting for a great pair of jeans will break the colour of the blazer up. Try opting for slightly darker trousers (jeans or black trousers) when going for a light blazer, as light trousers may be too overwhelming.

When selecting your shoes with this attire, brown or tan shoes will always stand well with light coloured jackets over the traditional black shoes.


Classic Gentleman 3

Don’t forget to mix up the textures and colours. This gentleman is a great example of using different texture and colours to bring a piece together. Notice the checkered shirt! Checkered shirts best go with less formal trouser; chinos would be a good start, just like the gentleman has done here. And you can pick from a variety of colours when it comes to the chinos. With this style make sure that the blazer jacket has a less formal cut, texture and colour. A great look if you work in a casual office environment, or setting off for your holiday.


Classic Gentleman 5

Back to blue. Yes, we can’t stress this enough at The Lost Gentleman. A navy blue suit should never go amiss. This gentleman has again picked a classic gentleman look, perfect for that formal, office occasion. This is a great British style suit, that defines the waistline. Going for the brown shoes gives it more style, rather than black shoes, which may seem dull. Great choice sir!