How To Wear Timberland Boots

how to wear timberland boots

Timberland boots have appealed to men for quite some time now. The combination of rugged traditional and updated fashionable style has made the iconic Timberland boot one of the most beloved boot styles and footwear in general, for that matter, in the world.

There is no getting away from Timberlands, you have probably seen them worn in all sorts of occasions, from the high-street to festivals and many more. Why? This shoe is comfortable, sturdy, stylish and what’s more, it’s versatile – many stylish looks that can be finished off perfectly with a pair of Timberlands.

If you are unsure what to wear with Timberland boots, then relax, as we have put together a guide to on How to Wear Timberland boots.

Timberland Boots Outfit Ideas for Men

There are many looks that can be made with Timberland boots, thanks partly to the wide variety of boot styles that Timberland produces. If you are looking for a casual boot for that perfect casual look, then these are the ones to look towards.

Timberland Boots with Denim Jeans

No trouser pairs with Timberland boots better than denim jeans. Do get this look right, however, opt for a slim or straight cut denim jean to fuse better with the thickness of the Timberland boot. Wide-cut denim just doesn’t work and a dated look that’s had its time and best put aside.

A casual light-wash denim jean with Tims is a winning combination, though they work just as well with grey denim and the darker shades too. Indeed, dark denim jean trousers are probably our favourite style denim to match with Tims. The darker hue pulls the look slightly more to the smarter side of  things. Pairing dark denim, Timberlands with the right shirt will give you a winning combination for an outfit that has serious style, perfect for drinks or   going out.

Timberland Boots with a Shirt

Two of the best shirt styles to pair with Timberland boots have got to be the checkered shirt and the second, the denim shirt. The checked shirt will give you the ultimate casual vibe, that sort of lumberjack style that looks good on so many men. Oozing masculinity in every sense. The classic red checkered obvious choice for this style, though don’t disregard the other checkered style out there! Buttoned-up will tidy up your overall look. If it’s the cooler months you could simply throw on a thick coat that will complement the look. Alternately, put on a white t-shirt with an unbuttoned flannel checkered shirt – a look that unmatched for both the cooler and warmer months.

Timberland Boots with a T-Shirt

Keep it simple! Nothing works as well with a pair of Tims than a plain printed t-shirt. White and black are always a winning combination. Though shades and hues such as greys and greens can work just as well.

Timberland Boots with a Coat

For the cooler months, a coat may be essential to survive the bitter cold condition. Many winter coat styles can fit together rather well with Tims. Boots are made for winter after-all. Our favourite coat styles to match with your Timberlands would have to be the overcoat and parka. The overcoat would give a tidy put-together look for winter, or you could go casual with a parka coat – Canada Goose being a great choice in our option.

Timberland Boots with a Jacket

For the transitional season a lighter-weighted jacket is probably your preferred choice over a thicker coat, though this does depend on the days forecast. Leather jackets, bomber jackets, or even the denim jacket works great with Timberlands. Finish off your jacket and Tims with black denim jean trousers and a plain tee for the perfect urban style outfit that you’ll look great in.