6 Autumn Wardrobe Essentials For Men

Autumn is here and as such, you should probably start thinking about dressing accordingly. We all need some basics to get through this season with style and comfort and if you are unsure of what pieces you should have at hand in your wardrobe then relax. We have come up with the men’s autumn essentials. If these men’s essential autumn outfits are not yet in your wardrobe then you should think about placing them on your list the next time you shop.


Black Denim Jeans or Black Chinos

Fresh new black denim or chinos is a must for this season! They will form the base to many of this season’s outfits – the paring is vast, to say the least. Make sure that they are fitting, a slim or skinny fit will always be the more appealing cut but, depending on your size, you may feel more comfortable in a straight cut.


black jeans


Wool Sweater

Knitwear is essential for this season ahead. Opt for the lighter thread knitwear for comfort as the temperature has yet to drop to the extremes. Merino wool is a good choice for its durability and price, however, Cashmere is always a great option due to the softness of the wool and it always tends to look a little more elegant, for this reason, it can make a great piece to go with a smart-casual outfit.


wool sweater


Wool/Tweed Blazer

You need a blazer jacket that’s casual and fitting for the season. Every man needs a well fitting blazer or two and there is a variety for you to go for out there. However, in the cooler months think about the materials, it will make a huge difference to both style and comfort. Cotton can still be a great material to go for while the temperature outside is still pleasant. Cotton jacket tends to be thin and light, which you may think is not a good option for the cooler weather but this is where its benefits come in. Cotton jackets can be used for layering as they tend to accommodate the extra give from the layers below. Layering is always a great way to style during the cooler month that many people overlook, so keep this in mind.

The best options, however, it has to be a wool jacket such as the traditional tweed blazer. They are a little thicker so on the cooler days you will stay warm and due to the natural fibres, they will allow your body to breathe and not overheat. A Donegal tweed wool blazer jacket is perhaps the straight-forward go-to material and can be rather stylish, it can be dressed in in casual wear with say jeans or it can be dressed up that little bit more. However, don’t be put off with the more traditional checked style tweed.



Leather Jacket

Every man just needs a leather jacket as it oozes style and for this season its practical too. Leather has weather-beating properties that will keep the rain out and the heat it.
What’s best is its versatility! A leather jacket can be worn effortlessly over a white T-shirt, a look that is built on with layers such as using a hoodie when the weather gets colder or can be a substitute for a suit jacket if you want to relax your work attire.


Leather Jackets


Rain Coat

You won’t get away without this one. Raincoats are essential this autumn whether you like it or not. There are a few great styles depending on the occasion, however, we suggest keep to the lightweight materials, avoid anything with thermal insulation for now unless you plan for an arctic adventure, and its probably best to keep away from anything that says showerproof or water-resistant – look for 100% waterproof!

There are two go-to styles that we suggest you look to. The first is for casual outings which is a traditional outerwear raincoat, it’s a style that’s a little more versatile in terms of the pieces that you can wear with it. The second style is a classic trench coat, it’s much more suitable for smart attire and officewear.


Rain Coat


Smart Boots

You need to rethink your footwear pronto. For something smart and stylish and that will withstand the rain, snow and anything else mother nature throws your way, go for a pair of well build smart boots. You best options are Derby, Brogues or Chelsea boots.

Suede may be fine for dry days but they will not last long when the rain comes. Opting for a more resilient matte or polished leather boots are the safest bet if you want something that will last the season.


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  1. Great suggestions about the seasonal and the essential clothing. Very true that we need to buy things according to the season whether we like to purchase them or not like the raincoats or the boots. Thank you for the useful tips.

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