Top 3 Men’s Autumn/Winter Boots

While those Chelsea suede boots are just fine for the murky but harmless autumn months, just wait until winter sets in – they’re not going to make the cut.

As you know, rain, ice, and snow cause havoc on shoes, even on short journeys, it really isn’t worth the discomfort of frozen, wet feet or those brand new kicks getting scuffed and beaten up.

Get prepared for what winter will bring with footwear that’s up to par. We have selected the best five boots that are perfect for this season. Whether it will be for the office or the weekend, these boots should get you through most occasion on style and unscathed.


What Should You Be Looking For in a Boot?

It may be obvious to most people but, the boots need to fit properly. You are going to be wearing these a lot and blisters are never any fun to deal with.

Are they waterproof? Suede boots may be good to look at but when the rain pours you won’t be as satisfied. For the dry days, suede boots are fine, and yes, they add an interesting – often modern – edge to your style. However, for comfort and durability, it’s perhaps best to look for smooth leather boots that are water resistant.

Boots are similar to tailoring, you get what you pay for. Spending what you can afford is the best advice to ensure that the boots last through the season and perhaps, and hopefully, the years to come.

Each boot has its purpose. Every boot fits with a certain dress style and suited for a particular occasion. I will most likely require a few boots styles to get yourself through the season, most definitely a well-structured, everyday, casual boot. The second type of boot that you will almost definitely need in your wardrobe is some sort of dress boot, one that you go out to dinner with. The third style of boot is one that is suitable for smart-casual wear, there are in fact a broad range of boot styles that are available for you to nail the smart-casual look this season.


Chelsea Smooth Leather Boots

Sleek and modern, the Chelsea boot is one of the more versatile out there. The Chelsea boot – especially is a suede style – can give you cultivated modern edge especially if you are going for a street-style look. Replacing your trainers with a pair of suede Chelsea boots will set your game apart.

Smooth leather Chelsea boots – although less modern – will be better suited for the rainy season and they are more traditional looking. Smooth leather Chelsea boots will still work with a street-style attire but, they will equally look just a great in any smart-casual attire and even work well with something that’s smart too.

If you want to add more character, opt for a smooth tan leather Chelsea boot. The smooth tan leather would be more suitable as a smart-casual or dress boot rather than a relaxed, casual or street-style.


chelsea boots


Brogue Boots

If like many, brogues make us up an essential backbone of your formal wear, office attire or even casual wardrobe, then you may be mystified as to what you are going to put on your feet during the cold months. The low-rise silhouette of a brogue shoe is not really appropriate for this season, they are not known for their waterproof properties. The simple solution, the brogue boot.

You can retain the good features of the brogue with the robustness that you need for this season. Brogue boots have the essential cold-beating and water-resistant poperies required to see you through the cold, wet season, whilst looking sharp and pulled together.

Like Chelsea boots, these too, are versatile. They can be worn with anything from smart, smart-casual or just simply all-out casual. Pair them with jeans and a cable knit sweater for the casual day or with chino and a crisp oxford shirt when you want to smarten it up slightly. Brogue boots pair particularly well with traditional suit fabric, such as tweed, flannel and worsted wool – so keep that in mind.

As for your office of any formalwear, the brogue boot shouldn’t be any concern as long as your suit trouser falls over the boot – it will give the same appearance as a brogue shoe.


brogue boots


Classic Work Boots

The popularity of work boots has always stayed strong, at their core they are built to be functional and durable, they are designed not purposely for aesthetics but, to see your feet through some the worst of it. For that reason, you know that when you pick up a pair of work boots, they will last you for many years to come.

They have in fact over the last few year been trending with the likes of Kanye West and other prominent hip-hop artists popularizing the work boot and making it a part of mainstream fashion.

Arguably the more renowned work boot has got to be Timberland’s Icon 6-inch boots styled in a camel colour. They can finish off a cool casual rugged look with your favourite pair of jeans and knitwear or for that urban street style look, pair the boots with black jeans, tees and a leather jacket.