Trouser Styles Every Man Should Own

mens trousers

Trousers are often put on without a second thought when pairing an outfit together. There is a variety of styles, colours and cuts, yet a lot of men will stick to a few pairs or trousers. Yes, this may make putting outfits together a whole lot simpler if you only own a few styles, but it will only limit the types of looks that you’ll be able to get from your outfits. In some instances, your trousers may not even match the rest of your outfit. For something that we wear every day, you should really think about expanding your collection, if you haven’t done so already. Here are the 5 trouser styles that every man should own. These will guarantee to keep you in style all year round.



The chino is most versatile, easy to style – a reliable all-rounder. The chino gets its name from the cloth its made of – a lightweight cotton twill fabric, originally designed for British and French military uniforms. The chino comes in the most diverse range of colour compared to any other type of trouser. Khaki is the most popular and can be paired with almost any shirt or jumper in your wardrobe.


Suit Trousers

You probably own suit trousers that came with a suit, however, we recommend that you expand your suit trouser collection. Suit trousers are the most formal of trouser you can own, most of you will require them for your day job and for this reason it’s always great to have a few at hand and on rotation to keep you looking fresh and tidy all week long. Suit trousers also combine for some great looking smart-casual outfits too. A lot of men forget about the different colours, patterns or fabrics available. A great style for a slight casual edge to your outfit is the flecked wool suit trouser in a grey shade. The flecked wool will make it less formal looking compared to a high-shine worsted wool and light hue acts in the same manner. Pair the wool suit trouser with a short sleeve polo shirt and a pair of classic white trainers. If you want to go a little smarter swap the trainers for a pair of loafers and in the cooler month throw on a knit sweater.


Modern denim comes in a range of colours style but its always best to keep it simple. Three shades should get you through the year, dark, medium and a light wash. Slim-fit, dark blue jean is perhaps the most versatile – worn for a casual or smart-casual outfit.

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The name corduroy comes from Corde du Roi (French for ‘cord of the King’). Now, you may be thinking that cords are out, but take a rethink on that. They are in fact on trend and can make for easy style. Corduroys need to be styled right, however. Go for well a fitting cut – straight or tapered. Keep the colours simple. Black or tan are the best choices – avoid anything too nauseating – like yellows or purples. Pair black corduroys with a plain white tee and trainers for a simple casual look for the summer. For the wintertime pair the tan corduroys with a flannel shirt, knitwear and thick derby boots.

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