Jackets: The best urban wear styles to keep you looking fresh

men’s urban jacket style


All men need a good jacket. It can often be a centrepiece to your attire and if it’s decent it will last many seasons. Varsity jackets and bomber jackets are big this season. Just look to Kanye West’s abundant wardrobe of jackets and you will see just how much a good jacket will set your outfit apart.
Apart from being casual and cool, and great for the day, there are many jackets that will add that extra cool edge to your outfit for a casual night out too.

We believe a jacket should be an investment. If you have the extra cash, spend it!
And with this, we have selected some of the best designer jackets that will set any urban gentleman apart. Ok, so these may hit the top of your price range, but they will also peak your style. And if you cannot quite afford the price tag, then keep in mind of these styles the next time you shop for jackets.


  • Burberry Brit | Kleyton Bomber Jacket | £595.00